DVR camera mini 352х288 and 640x480 60 mm CAM55

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Camera with 352x288 or 640x480 resolution, long 60 mm ribbon cable and incredibly small lenses – only 5x5mm.
Video file size is 0.3 – 1 GB per hour. You can install up to 32GB Micro SD memory card for a total to 100 hours of recordings.
Very easy to operate, turning it on is done with a single press of a button. At this point the device is in working mode. To turn it off press the same button again. Downloading the video files is performed directly via the USB port of your computer.
Extremely reliable DVR with time-proven quality.
Super thin camera
Motion detection
Long ribbon cable: 60 mm
Smallest lenses: 5x5mm
Video resolution: 352x288 or 640x480
Frames per second: 5-30fps
Video file size: 0.3 – 1GB/h or about 100 hours with a 32GB memory card
Video format: MPG-4 , 3gp
Card slot: micro SD
Date and time stamp on the video file
Working current: 3.7V
Power consumption: 95 mA/h
Dimensions: 3.9 x 12.5 x 45.5 mm
Package contents:
DVR camera mini 352х288and 640x480 60 mm CAM55
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CAM55 SOFTWARE 814 Kb (rar) Download

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