DVR module with motion detector and PIR sensor Cam50

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The best solution on the market for a camera module of a new generation with super low power consumption.
The module has super small camera with dimensions 5x5 mm and long 64 mm ribbon cable. The module has a PIR sensor added to it (an infrared sensor that detects the motion of various objects, such as people and cars).
When set to PIR motion detector regime, the camera will record video only when motion is detected regardless whether it is day or night.
The camera also has IR LED added to it, with invisible light capable of illuminating objects up to 25 cm.
The best thing here is the multitude of features added to the PC software menu, such as Time Lapse feature which means you can choose the working time of the camera - during the day or the night, or in certain time periods. The Time Lapse feature allows you to record only at times of your choice.
All these new features make it possible to save battery power for a long period of time.
The free software that comes with the camera allows you to adjust multiple settings: date and time, work regime: Normal, Auto, Motion Detector, PIR Motion Detector, the option to select FPS of the recording, resolution of the recording - 640х480 or 352х288, time lapse, night vision diode and many more.
Power consumption when in standby mode in PIR Mode is exceptionally low, with a 1000 mA battery - around 10 days.
A great module with multiple features at a great price.

The best product on the market
Really small DVR module
Super compact
Super slim camera
Super low power consumption-
Super sensitive PIR sensor (motion detector)
IR LED light invisible to human eye (illuminating objects up to 25 cm)
Time Lapse - you choose the working time intervals for the camera.
Four working modes:
- Normal
- Auto Frame
- Motion Detector
- Motion Detector with PIR sensor (recording only when motion is detected by the PIR sensor, regardless day or night)
Video Format: MPG-4
Video Resolution: 640x480 or 352х288
Frames per Second: 5—30 fps (adjustable)
The smallest camera: 5Х5 mm
Long ribbon cable: 60 mm
Date and Time: Yes
Recording Memory: 1GB/hr at 352х288 and 15 fps
Work voltage: 3.7 V
Power Consumption:
- Recording – 95 mA
- Pir Mode – 5mA
- Standby – 2mA
Size: 12 x 45 x 4 mm
*Work Mode:
- Video:
Press the button once and hold for 2 seconds, a yellow diode will light up. Then a red diode will start flashing - it shows the selected work mode - and the camera is ready to work. During taping, a red diode will flash (if you have selected that option from the software)
To stop the recording, press the button once and a yellow diode will light up.
- Turn Off:
Press the button and hold until the device is completely off.
- Downloading files:
Using the computer USB or directly from the Micro SD card.
- Time Lapse:
For the set time interval, the module will be off, thus lowering consumption and preserving battery power.
-  PIR detector (PIR mode):
The module will record only and when it detects motion. Power consumption in this mode is very low with 1000 mA battery, around 10 days.
* The PIR sensor is extremely sensitive, lowering sensitivity is done by covering part of the PIR sensor (allowing you to adjust to desired sensitivity)
- Invisible IR diode lighting (IR LED):
The light emitted by the diode is invisible to human eye and is capable of lighting an object sized 15-25 cm. (depending on conditions). The operation of the IR diode is controlled by the relevant working mode selected in the software.
DVR module with motion detector and PIR sensor    Cam50

User_manual_cam50 406 Kb (pdf) Download
PC_Software_Cam50 413 Kb (rar) Download

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