Jcop cards

View Smart card J2A040 NXP
Smart card J2A040 NXP
​J2A040  JAVA based smart card, 40k EEPROM With Hi-co Mag Card
Brand new generation of popular JCOP cards! JAVA based, JCOP 2.4.1, JC 2.2.2, GP 2.1.1., T=1, SCP02
5.50 $
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View Smart card Jcop21-36 NXP
Smart card Jcop21-36 NXP
JCOP21-36 NXP JAVA based smart card, 36k EEPROM with 3 track HiCo mag stripe
JCOP is an NXP (IBM) implementation of the RSA JCOP V 2.3.1, T=1 and Global Platform 2.1.1 basic specifications including refinements from Visa International set in the Visa OpenPlatform Card Implementation Guides. 
7.50 $
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