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Super thin magnetic head 0.5 mm, 1 track TH05
Ultra thin magnetic head with only 0.5 mm thickness. We are the only manufacturer of super thin high-quality magnetic heads. Our magnetic head is extremely reliable, 100% tested and 100% working.
The smallest, thinnest magnetic head in the world!
Read: Excellent
Noise: No
Inductivity: 70 MH
Resistance: 800 Ohm
Reading: 210 BPI
Speed: 7,5 IPS
Reading output: MVP-р  15min
Insulation: 20 (100V DC) Mohm
Reading track size: 2 мм
- Height: 0.55 mm +/- 0.1
- Width: 3.6 мм
- Length: 7 мм
This MSR014 can read all 3 tracks on the magnetic card. It has very low energy consumption and can stay in work mode for about 6 days / 145 h / with 9mAh battery. All data is recorded on device memory, which can hold up to 2780 recordings.
The recorded information is segmented and saved in parts, but is extremely easy to compile.
Incomparable ability with the highest accuracy in the world.  It can interpret data at different speeds and sequences (even very low speeds); even if card swipe is performed in several stages, the data will be stored as a sequence allowing the user to assemble the full result.
Manual select Best swipe directions: The user can use this option to invert reading directions and choose the best "logical" result.
MSR is very easy to use and configure thanks to the software included. You can encrypt the file from the device with a password of your choosing, thus making you the only person who can open it. After that you can decrypt the file to see the data.
You can erase information from the device multiple times.
We have also included in the set another software, which only has the options to download and delete data from the MSR device, without the decryption tab.
In other words, you receive two programs for free:
The first one includes all the functionality: Control over the number of records, file download, device memory wipe and device file decryption.
The other one includes the following: Control over the number of records, file download and device memory wipe.
All software updates shall be completely free, without the need to buy a new device.
Thickness : 1.1 mm
Length : 23 mm
Width : 5.8 mm
ON/OFF Switch.
Reads all 3 tracks: Track 1, track 2, Track 3
No issues with card lagging
File encryption
Date and time stamp on all files
Reads all magnetic formats: ISO, NON ISO
Swipes stored: 2780
Speed Limitations: 5 to 254 cm/s
Energy consumption: 0.06 mah
Working time with 9mAh battery: 145 h
Easy connection, no complex operations
Direct USB connection
High quality manufacture
University ID
Personal Entry cards
Driving License
Company personal ID
Taxi Drivers payments system
Financial Transactions
Web payments
Dealers, provider’s payments
Very easy to connect, no complex operations
Right side: 4 pads for the magnetic head (Standard, Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3)
Left side: easy connector , 2 pads for the battery
Please check out the diagrams for the correct connection plan

Package Contents:
Super thin magnetic head 0.5 mm, 1 track TH05
USB adapter for charging and data transfer
3.7V Rechargeable tiny battery
Warranty information:
Please note: that all MSR is 100% tested before shipping , will NOT replace or get back any products!
This product is intended for legal use only. Please check your local laws before purchasing.
The buyer understands that none of our items are for illegal use; that he/she will safeguard the use and distribution of these devices and make every effort to prevent illegal use from occurring.
We are not and will not sell our products if we know or suspect that they will be used for unlawful purposes. Please refer to the full terms and conditions

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