Ultra small Keypad facility keylogger 4x4 KEY011

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Keypad logger for 16 keys, super-small size and low energy consumption, up to 30 days 720 hours with 9 mAh battery.
Able to store up to 2780 records with precise time and date. The file is encrypted and password protected. Thus, it is only you who can decrypt the records.
The operation of the device is extremely easy.
The set is completed with two pieces of software:
1. The full version, with which the records from the device can be decrypted, and contains all the functions.
2. Other software with the following functions: Checking the number of records in the memory, file downloading, erasing the memory of the device, time setting up.
All software updates shall be completely free of charge, without the need to bye a new device.
Super small dimensions
Logger for keypad with up to 16 keys
Thickness: 0.9 mm
Length: 19 mm
Width: 5.5 mm
ON/OFF micro switch
File encryption
Each record has exact date and time
Stored records: 2780 records
Energy consumption:
Time for operation on 9mAh battery: 720 hours
Easy connection without manipulation
USB direct connection
High quality workmanship
Operates as follows: Upon pressing a key from the keypad, to the device is sent information, and when keys are no longer pressed, after 10 seconds the record is memorized /the device LED flashes once/.
- you press the keys: 1,2,3,4,5
- you stop pressing keys
- after 10 seconds, the record is memorized in the memory of the device
Please, look at the pictures for the exact connection pattern

The smallest in the world wireless keypad logger for 16 keys.
Package Contents:
USB adapter for charging and data transfer
3.7V Rechargeable tiny battery
Warranty information:
This product is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 60 days since the date of purchase. We will, without charge, repair or replace at our option, any device returned for warranty work and found to be defective by us.
This product is intended for legal use only. Please check your local laws before purchasing.
The buyer understands that none of our items are for illegal use; that he/she will safeguard the use and distribution of these devices and make every effort to prevent illegal use from occurring.
We are not and will not sell our products if we know or suspect that they will be used for unlawful purposes. Please refer to the full terms and conditions

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